Jay and Cindy | 30th Wedding Anniversary


Jul 22, 2015

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30th Wedding Anniversary

Morgan O’Neil Photography now has a blog! I’ll be blogging every so often about recent weddings and events I’ve shot and other projects I’m working on, so check back often! For my first post I’ll be highlighting a fun shoot I did earlier this summer for my parents thirtieth wedding anniversary.


The two met at age 16 when their mothers brought them to a new years party and have been together ever since. They celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary earlier this summer!


A few weeks ago I had just received my new 50mm f/1.4 lens (which I love, by the way) and wanted to try it out, so we had a little photo shoot down on Duxbury Beach.


I took a bunch of shots at f/2.8 and I realized that it can be hard to take a portrait of two people and keep both of their eyes in focus at this wide of an aperture, so it was a good learning experience for me!


This photo makes me smile. My dad was painting houses for a living when he and my mom got engaged. An avid sailor, he sold his sunfish in order to buy her a wedding ring. He now once again owns a sunfish and we keep it on that very beach that we took this picture at! He always told her he’d buy her a bigger ring someday, but she says she’d never replace her original.


To end my post here’s a photo from their wedding day, taken by Bachrach Photography in 1985.


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