Best of 2020


Mar 8, 2021

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The end of the year slideshow is still my favorite thing!

2020 was an unimaginably difficult year, but some amazing things happened too. I photographed 11 incredible intimate weddings, each unique and beautiful. I photographed 12 engagements, some of which were a part 2 for couples who had to postpone. I got to do more portrait sessions of families, babies, seniors, and grads this year than I have ever had time for in other years. I got to photograph the wedding of a close friend that otherwise I would have been a guest at. I finally learned how to do video and recorded a ceremony. I watched so many couples, their friends and families, and their wedding vendors all come together against all odds to create something magical. I witnessed the most innovative solutions from live streaming ceremonies to a family drive-by parade to socially distant games and activities instead of dancing. I was blown away by the amount of support and understanding I got from current clients throughout the postponement process. I was reminded that weddings are not just frivolous parties, they are a significant life event, an incredibly important celebration of love and family, and they will not stop happening just because they have to look a little different. I hope that we can have 200+ people on a dance floor again soon, but until then life goes on and we keep going. Happy new year!

Direct link to the slideshow on Youtube.

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